Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The newest member of Amrut Gir family

Today 'Kailash' gave birth to a new member of Amrut Gir gaushala - 'Girja'. We are happy and excited to share the first picture of Girja right after she was born. Grija looks beatiful in the picture. Both mother and child are in good health. A very warm welcome from all of us - Girja...we love you.

Girja - we love you

Monday, February 20, 2012

The shocking truth about pasturization

All of the packaged milk we get these days is 'Pasteurized'. Most often, people think that the pasteurization is a process of removing impurities from milk. Sadly, this notion is found to be misleading. Here is why -

Pasteurization was invented by Louis Pasteur in the 1800s and is a process that exposes raw milk to high temperatures for a short duration to destroy pathogens. Unfortunately, it also destroys many of the desirable nutrients and microorganisms that give milk its health promoting benefits. In particular, pasteurization destroys enzymes that contribute to immunity as well as the digestive enzymes needed to digest and assimilate milk’s nutrients. In fact, the test for successful pasteurization is the complete destruction of the enzyme phosphatase. One of the enzymes inactivated by pasteurization is lactase which breaks down the milk sugar lactose. The destruction of this enzyme is an important factor in the high prevalence of lactose intolerance. Pasteurization also destroys a significant amount of the vitamin content in milk including vitamins C, B6, and B12, and it alters the chemical state and absorption of calcium and other minerals.

For more details, read this blog:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome to Amrut Gir - The home of Gir Cows

Amrut Gir is a community effort by ordinary people like you and me- with the sole aim of preserving 'Gir Cows' and spreading awareness about qualities of Gir cows.
Gir cow - pride of Gujarat

Why Gir Cow?
Gir Cows are one of the best cow breeds in the world today. Gir cow milk is found to be of superior quality and full of essential proteins and vitamins. However, with low level awareness among the masses and a variety of other reasons, original Gir cow breed is slowly disappearing. 

At Amrut Gir, our aim is to stop this slow decay and preserve the highest quality Gir cow breeds by providing them quality food and comfortable shelters.