Friday, February 17, 2012

Welcome to Amrut Gir - The home of Gir Cows

Amrut Gir is a community effort by ordinary people like you and me- with the sole aim of preserving 'Gir Cows' and spreading awareness about qualities of Gir cows.
Gir cow - pride of Gujarat

Why Gir Cow?
Gir Cows are one of the best cow breeds in the world today. Gir cow milk is found to be of superior quality and full of essential proteins and vitamins. However, with low level awareness among the masses and a variety of other reasons, original Gir cow breed is slowly disappearing. 

At Amrut Gir, our aim is to stop this slow decay and preserve the highest quality Gir cow breeds by providing them quality food and comfortable shelters.

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  1. Hi guys you seem to be doing a dam good job of preserving our precious cow breed, i shall like to contibute to the project and am actually looking to establish one Gaushala my self.

    kindly send me your contact details and gaushala details.


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