Monday, March 12, 2012

Are you worried about your health?

Most of us spend our lifetime worrying about things such as business, relationships, career, finance, income, savings etc. etc. But when it comes to health, it is a general perception that "I am healthy because I am not ill". This is where the problem begins!

Any chronic disease is years or months of handy work within your body which is exposed to - polluted air, unhealthy vegetables, unhealthy fruits, unhealthy milk, wrong eating habits, cellphone radiations, rising expectations, name a few....if you start thinking about it, the list is ENDLESS. And the interesting part is - what do we do about it. Do you want to know what we do about it?
Okay, there you go...
  1. Get the best health insurance (with added benefit of tax savings) so that our hospitalization is free
  2. Exercise once or twice a month (if our laziness permits)
  3. Get our body parts replaced with either artificial parts or be at mercy of organ donor!
Unfortunately, all of us, in spite of having the greatest luxuries, the best cloths, the tastiest food in the most beautiful restaurant and with the convenience of technology - are NOT happy! Our mind, body and soul is in a grave situation, probably in it's worst state in the human history!

It's time to wake up and start doing things that really matters to ourselves, our well-being. It's time we listen up to our soul's call for inner peace.  And a healthy well-being is the beginning of true happiness and inner peace. Start listening to your body and start taking up things that matters to your body and your soul!

How about taking a glass of pure milk and beginning the journey towards a healthier life? Wouldn't it be worth your investment?