Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surprising facts about the state of Indian cows in our country

Here are some eye opening facts about the state of Indian cows and it's direct impact on the health our society:
  1. In Recent times, number of Jersey cows has increased simply because their milk has more fat and due to this reason it is used in "Packaged milk" production in India very big time. 
  2. Since past few years, after the advent of  the "Packaged milk" and increase in number of Jersey cows, we have seen sharp increase in number of Diabetes  Join problems and numerous other diseases which were never heard of a couple of decades back. 
  3. Unfortunately, we see cows all around our localities eating garbage and plastic bags..this is a direct impact on the quality of milk. Do you think such milk when consumed would have any real health benefit?
  4. As of today, India has the highest population of Jersey Cows. On the other hand, major milk production nations such as Brazil, Netherlands and Denmark has larger population of Indian Cows. This was exactly opposite just 60 years back. These countries realized the amazing health benefits of Indian cow and they are breeding these cows at an unprecedented level. 
  5. Jersey cows has A1 type of element in it's milk while Indian cow has A2 type of element in it's milk. It has been proven from research that A2 type of element has great nutritious value while A1 type element has zero nutritious value. 
  6. The reason why Indian cow milk has so much nutritious value is because it has a very special organ called the "Surya Nadi" or "Sun Vein". This organ extracts Sun's energy and develops nutritious value in to the milk. If you observe closely, cow milk is yellowish in color. This yellow color is the real secret of Indian cow milk's nutritious value. 

If you think a little deeper, you will realize that in today's poor environment where nothing is pure, we are depriving ourselves of healthy milk. The number of diseases increasing these days among us is because a majority of population do not get the nutrition available in A2 type of milk. This is a wake up call for everyone.

Wake up India...wake up, before i'ts too late!