Saturday, August 17, 2013

The divine qualities of Cow

In Hindu religion, Cows are considered to be sacred and worshipped in many different ways. In Southern India, Cows are worshipped during the festival of "Pongal". Towards the Northern part of India, Cows are worshipped in the festival of "Gopastami" during which cows are decorated and dressed.

In the medieval period and before it, cows were considered to be a sign of wealth. The more cows someone had, the more rich he/she was considered. Cows are immersed into the Hindu culture very deeply and they are quite an inseparable part of our community.

Both cultural and mythological reasons can be attributed towards the importance of Cows in our lives. However, one of the less than obvious reason why we adore cows is due to some divine qualities she has:
  • She provides without expecting to receive
  • She produces only the best, irrespective of what she is given
  • She contributes silently
  • She loves unconditionally
No wonder why Cow is regarded as the mother in Hindus. We are blessed to receive her unconditional pure as her milk.

What qualities of Cows touches you?