Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Sad Story of Gir Cows

gir cows grazing near our farm

Gir Cows are One of the best cow breeds in world. It is of high nutritional value containing 52 types of nutrients. Gir Cow milk is “Amrut”.

A Century Ago…

India was regarded as the “river of milk”. There were lakhs of Gir cows in Saurashtra, Gujarat and other parts of India.

In the 19th century, the British brought the “high yield” Jersey Cows to India. Jersey Cows were originally produced to satisfy the “meat” demands of the west. Milk of Jersey cow is not fit for human consumption.

The Greed Increased

Since Jersey Cows produced more milk and required relatively less cost of maintenance, people started adopting these cows and breeding them. As if this was not enough, Co-operative dairy movement started. Cow milk was purchased in large volumes by these dairies.Monetary Value of milk is decided based on the “percentage of fat” in the milk.

Gir Cows Lost

Gir Cow milk lost the battle because it had more “energy” and “nutritional value” but less “fat”. Some people were not interested in energy or nutritional value, they were interested in “money”. Rampant cross breeding of Jersey cows started because it brought  more “profits”.

Slowly but gradually, Gir Cows of original breed started declining in India.

One Country Knew it!

In 1960, Brazil government imported 2 Gir cows and 2 Gir bulls from the erstwhile Princely state of Bhavnagar. Today, Brazil has lacs of Gir Cows of original bloodline.

During the same time…

  • We kept losing our precious wealth - the “Gir Cow”
  • We kept drinking  low quality milk
  • We kept getting unhealthier
  • Because it was convenient
  • Because we did not care

Enter: 2013

India has only a few thousand Gir Cows. Very few out these cows are of original “Gir” bloodline. We have not only lost our cows, we have lost our health, wealth and pride.

It’s happening near you

  • Gir Cows are cross-breeded 
  • Cow farm owners wants to keep Buffalo and Jersey 
  • Cows are injected with steroids to produce more milk making them unhealthy and sick
  • Cows eat garbage and left overs 

The Lesser Known Facts about Jersey

  • Cost of maintaining Jersey Cows turns out to be much higher because it is not the natural domicile of India
  •  Jersey Cows contain  A1 type protein has been found to be the main reason behind diabetes, overweight and heart diseases
  • Jersey cows, male child are “Bos Taurus” category and are not usable for farming or carting. Hence they are sent to butcher houses
We have a chance to protect Gir Cows and you can do so, with us.

Our mission

  • To develop and grow pure breeds of Gir Cows
  • To educate & stop cross-breeding of Gir Cows
  • To promote consumption of pure Cow Milk and Ghee
  • To encourage the use of Cow Dung and Cow Urine
Click here to learn more about how you can contribute and join hands with us.


  1. guys like you always inspire me for farming. is there any way to contact you? you can mail me on ""

  2. Hi,
    I want to buy a cow needed for daily use at home...
    Could you give me the details where to buy, cost of the cow, and its maintenance at home.

    Thanking you

  3. Hi,
    I want to buy a cow needed for daily use at home...
    Could you give me the details where to buy, cost of the cow, and its maintenance at home.

    Thanking you

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