Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fascinating Facts about The Spiritual Gir Cow

Indian cows are seen in a variety of colors. One such color is White. In the video above, Ramjibhai shares some fascinating facts about the white gir cow. Since this video is in Gujarati language, here are the nuggets from this video for non gujarati speaking audience.

White cows are extremely calm and peaceful by nature. People who want to grow their spiritual side should drink milk of this cow. Ramjibhai gave a great scientific explanation for it. He said -
"White color reflects sunlight. It does not absorb sun's energy like any other color. As a result, milk of these cows is white and lacks the yellow pigmentation usually seen in cow milk. Moreover, these cows have a red forehead which absorbs spiritual energy from Sun."

These cows have some key features, that makes them extremely high quality breed. Here are those features:
  1. Long Tail - Their tail almost touches the ground
  2. Black Teets  - Teets of this cow are black color. This is considered a sign of high quality breed 
  3. Red Forehead - The forehead has a reddish color. This color absorbs very specific energy from sun, adding to the spiritual quality of the milk
  4. Black Ears - The inside portion of ear is black in color.  
If you are looking to develop a peaceful and calm brain, milk of this cow can be a godsend. 

Can you expect to have these qualities intact in a Pasteurized Plastic Packaged Milk? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment below.