Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Strange Correlation Between Rising Number of Diabetes Cases And Milk

The number of diabetes cases in India are on epidemic rise. According to this article published in The Times of India -
"India is facing an epidemic of diabetes. At present, confirmed diabetes patients in India are 67 million, with another 30 million in prediabetes group. By 2030, India will have the largest number of patients in the world. Diabetes is not only a blood sugar problem, but brings along other complications as well"
The rise of diabetes is almost parallel to the decline of local cow farms, rise of co-operative dairies and increasing adulteration in milk. Of course there are other reasons such as eating out, junk food and sedentary lifestyle, but Milk could be one of the key reasons for our poor health.

India is a predominantly vegetarian country and milk forms an important part of our diet. Unfortunately, our milk is not as good to constitute as a part of our primary diet.

Pasteurized milk is no good for your health
There is a whole study done on the fact that pasteurized/packaged milk is doing no good to your health. What can you expect from milk in which 90% of nutrition is already burned and then it's packaged in plastic bags and kept in refrigerator for many many hours (may be weeks). If you are getting your kids, plastic pouches of milk, do not expect them to excel in study or sports.

I spoke to a leading supplier of packaged milk in my local area and I was shocked to learn this. He said -
"Even the senior executives of this packaged milk company are drinking the milk from local vendors..they don't drink their own milk!"
Another doctor I meet recently, warned -
"Adulterated/Packaged milk should not be consumed by young females as it may impact their fertility"
Though his study needs to be proven scientifically, we know for sure that our health is at stake and you don't want to wait for something to be "proven".

Can't rely on the milkman too
While your milkman next door might be a better option than packaged milk, he is no good. This article reveals the poor state of milk quality in India -
A recent study by India’s food safety regulator found that 68.4% of milk samples examined didn’t meet its standards. While most samples had been diluted with water, skimmed milk powder or sweeteners, some revealed more unpleasant surprises. Detergent, hydrogen peroxide and even urea are just some of the substances you may have ingested last time you had milk.
What's the way out?
Follow our ancestors. They were far more smarter than us. In older times, every house had a cow and she was considered a sign of "Wealth". The more cows one had, the wealthier he/she was considered. Yes, BMW's and Audi's may be sign of wealth today but they don't make you healthier or smarter. Cow milk does.

A better model
At Amrut Gir, we believe in starting small Gaushalas through collaborative efforts in every locality. It may sound like an extra effort every Sunday, but worth the investment in the health and wellness of your family, community and society.

Not to mention the true Wealth you will be proud to own. 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How Future of Mankind Depends on Cows: A Brilliant Documentary

Watch this amazing documentary that shows how our future depends on cows. By killing cows, we are killing our future.

Here are some highlights from this documentary:

  1. Heart breaking story of how 66 Sikhs sacrificed their lives to protect cows
  2. Research on how using pesticide is causing extinction of farm lands
  3. Thousands of farmers have committed suicide due to non-performing agricultural land
  4. Re-initiating organic agriculture
  5. Cow urine, cow dung and bull farming are the best ways for sustainable agriculture
  6. Farming and Cows are deeply interconnected with each other
  7. Stories of farmers who became successful with organic farming
  8. Excellent traditional technique to make Butter from Milk
  9. Use of Cow dung plant to produce electricity
  10. Using butter milk in farming to improve crop production
What can you do to protect our Cows, Farm Lands..oh did I mention...the Human Race?