Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How Future of Mankind Depends on Cows: A Brilliant Documentary

Watch this amazing documentary that shows how our future depends on cows. By killing cows, we are killing our future.

Here are some highlights from this documentary:

  1. Heart breaking story of how 66 Sikhs sacrificed their lives to protect cows
  2. Research on how using pesticide is causing extinction of farm lands
  3. Thousands of farmers have committed suicide due to non-performing agricultural land
  4. Re-initiating organic agriculture
  5. Cow urine, cow dung and bull farming are the best ways for sustainable agriculture
  6. Farming and Cows are deeply interconnected with each other
  7. Stories of farmers who became successful with organic farming
  8. Excellent traditional technique to make Butter from Milk
  9. Use of Cow dung plant to produce electricity
  10. Using butter milk in farming to improve crop production
What can you do to protect our Cows, Farm Lands..oh did I mention...the Human Race?

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