Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to Run a Profitable Gaushala Without Compromising on Your Ethics

Most cow lovers have common problem. They want to start a Cow Farm, make it profitable and yet, don't want to compromise on Cow's care and well-being.
They don't want to simply milk cows and then leave them at their fate once they stop milking.

If you are one of those Cow lovers, here is the good news. 
Cow Farm can indeed be made very profitable and sustainable. And it's not as difficult as you thought. All you need is the right know-how and a dedication to learn the ropes.

There is one such Gaushala in Gujarat which is extreme profitable without harming cows or compromising ethics.

It's the Gaushala at Jasdan (Gujarat), owned by King of Jasdan, Ds Satyajit Kumar Khachar.

Here are some facts about the Gaushala:

  • Gaushala has 125 cows and only 17 are milking while rest are just dunging and urinating.
  • They make a revenue of $17,000 or 10 Lakhs rupees per month by selling cow products and with just few labours.
  • The Gaushala runs a Cow brand called "Go Seva", founded and managed by Ghanashyam Das, a avid cow lover and researcher for 10 years. 

You can learn the ropes of running a profitable Gaushala, directly from those who did it!
Yes, that's a huge deal. If you are truly interested in setting up a profitable Gaushala, you can learn directly Ghanshyamdas and Ds Satyajit Kumar Khachar.

They have launched a unique 31 days course that covers every aspect of running a profitable Gaushala. Here are the course details:

Part 1:

  1. Complete understanding  on manufacturing Cow Products like Medicines, Soaps , Shampoos , Panchgavya , Cosmetics , Vedic Ghee , Go ark etc 
  2. Complete understanding  on diagnosis of cow related diseases and how to cure cows and natural and emergency medicines.
  3. How to help cows when giving birth to calf and how to help cows for mating bulls.
  4. How to choose breeding & Farming bulls and good milking cows .
  5. How to set up and new Gaushala and all its Pros and cons.
  6. Various Composting methods based on Cow dung and Urine.
  7. More topics as per demand can be added 

Part 2:

  1. Cow care management will include
  2. Milk production in the udder of a cow-30 min
  3. Ahimsa milk-30 min+ QA session
  4. Cost of production of cow’s milk -30 min+ QA session
  5. An understanding on the digestive system of a cow-30 min+ QA session
  6. Management of Feeding of cows-30 min + QA session
  7. Holistic understanding of Cow protection 45 min+ QA session
  8. Shelter for cows-30 min + QA session
  9. Surabhi-the holistic healer

Part 3 :
Varnasharama & Organic Farming

Course commences on 1st may 2015 at Jasdan near Rajkot. It will be taught in English / Hindi  / Gujarati.

They have only 10 Seats left for registration. If you want to take advantage of this rare opportunity, send an email at: for details related to fees, registration and accommodation.

Contact Information of Organizers:
Ghanshyam Das
Phone : +91 7698689555 9:00AM To 7:00PM
Email :

Once you do this course, do not forget to share your experience me!


  1. Pls let me know the course fee and next schedule.
    ALso share the fee that you charge.

    Ravi K

  2. Ghanshyam Das

    We are planning to start a Goshala in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu.

    Please send us the details on fees, accomodation.

    Please also let us know if you provide an online course also.


  3. Pls let me know the course fee and next schedule.

    - Manisha.

  4. Please let me know if you intend to programs in Ahmedabad

    my email ID is

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